flute_prosthesis with Michael Young.
Recorded live in Suncor Energy Hall, Memorial University of Newfoundland
by Rich Blenkinsopp in January 2013.

Trio Improvisation (March 20, 2014) - Zhao Cong, Ellen Waterman, Viv Corringham
CCRMA Teleconcert:  Bing Hall Stanford University
and Suncor Energy Hall Memorial University of Newfoundland

Koumaria Artist Residency in Sellasia Greece, October 2014
Short videos of creative activity in this idyllic residency run by the Medea Electronique artists collective from Athens.  On Day 1 I improvised with my good friend trumpeter Eric Lewis in the midst of an olive grove; Day 10 captures the residents' collective performances in the village of Sellasia and in an abandoned olive oil factory.